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Find the right custom design to fit your needs.

In a city like Los Angeles that’s filled with fashion and style, you’re bound to run across many unique and creative custom images and logos that will probably inspire you to create your own. The idea may be placed in your head, and you may even draw out a design or catchy slogan that you’re just itching to place on stack of shirts or other clothing for all to see. The tricky part often comes with making sure that you find the right company in the city to go to that will bring your vision to life. You may not have a single clue of where to even go, or even how much you should pay. The good news is that in a sea of print shops and custom design companies, there are many that stand out for good reason. Burbank’s very own Crown Uniforms is one of these rock star shops that will have your new design being the envy of all others.

Whether you’re looking to bring to life a new design to place on a batch of shirts and shorts for your basketball team, or you just want to create a batch of witty shirts for you and your group of friends to wear out for a night of fun, there’s no job too big or small for Crown Uniforms to carry out. They specialize in creating custom designs for clothing ranging from private school uniforms to sportswear and much more.

Located right off of Burbank Boulevard, this quaint shop fits the bill for offering a range of customized packages and fabrics to fit your needs.  The shop owners are friendly, helpful and patient with their customers, and are there to answer any questions that you may have about the overall process and offer suggestions. They offer great suggestions on what types of packages will help to fill the size of your order at the most value, and you will be pleasantly surprised and excited by the final product.

Try them out for yourself, because they are definitely worth the investment. For more details on how you can get started on creating your project with them, Crown Uniforms can be contacted at (818) 845-8400.


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