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A long time ago in ancient times (okay, so let’s just say in the late 90s, perhaps), before the Internet took over the world as the leading source for information, people religiously used telephone directories and newspapers to find the latest information within their city. Tons of treasures could be find by sifting through the pages of different directories and finding the best mom and pop stores within a short distance. Nowadays, online sources often cater to larger franchises and isolate small businesses that often get pushed to the bottom of the barrel as their counterparts shine. WithinMyCity.com plans to change that soon my offering an online directory where small businesses across the country can leverage themselves with a company profile and a dedicated marketing team to help push them into a stratosphere of publicity.

WithinMyCity.com caters to mom and pop stores by offering advertising and social media marketing packages to these businesses looking to gain more exposure. It’s important for any business to have the best publicity to market  themselves, and WithinMyCity.com strives to offer top-tier service for the masses. With a savvy team of sales and marketing professionals under its belt, this emerging business sets to dominate the advertising industry and cover every facet possible to be the face and voice for small businesses to reach out to their target demographics in the best way possible.

There’s no doubt about it that in time, when asked, “what are you looking for?” you’ll find exactly what you need at WithinMyCity.Com

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