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You can’t roll in the new year without tires.

I know. Their logo needs a touch up.

I know. Their logo needs a touch up.

Welcome to the world of tires. If you need new, patch, plug, and more tires… But too lazy to do it changes them. Then Western Tires Co. is the Burbank place for you.

There services include:

– A full line of competitively priced tires from top tire brands.
– Top quality custom wheels to fit your style or performance needs.
– Mechanic services like brake repairs, suspension repairs, steering repairs, and axle/driveshaft/CV joint repairs.
– Tire services, like TPMS repairs, tire rotations, flat tire repairs, and low profile installations.
– Wheels services, like wheel installation and alignments.

What does this mean? I don’t know. But I bet they do!

Now for 2016, Western Tires Co. Has a new Website!


So check them out!

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